• Ferroalloys

    Ferroalloys We trade Ferroalloys

    FeMo - Feromolybden, FeNb - Feroniob, FeV - Ferovanad, FeW - Ferowolfram FeTi - Ferotitan...

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  • Alloys containing

    We trade alloys

    Ni, Co, Sn, Mo, W, Ta, Nb, Ti, Pd, Au, Ag. (girders, monoliths, cutters, drills)

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  • Purchase of iron

    and non-ferrous metals

    Iron, cast iron, copper, brass,
    lead, tin

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Metal Recycling

We trade materials with content Ni, Mo, Co, Cr, W, Ti, Ta, Sn, Cu, Pd over normative stock. All the hardmetals, karbide blues, sintered carbides. Burned residues, matel shaving, sediments, used tools from steinless, tool and higly alloyed steels. Colour metals, electrical cables, electrical engines, electrical scrap, ferroalloys


Commercial premises

Metal Recycling s.r.o.
Barákova 237/8
251 01 Říčany u Prahy

Tel: 323 608 090
Mobil: 731 156 863
 739 532 010
Fax: 323 608 091

@: metal@metalrecycling.cz
Web: www.metalrecycling.cz

Billing Address

Metal Recycling s.r.o.
Rudných dolů 291
254 01 Jílové u Prahy

IČO: 27656942
DIČ: CZ27656942